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Develop new and better ways of conducting business that result in more productive
and effective federal policies and administrative operations.

GSA demonstrates innovation daily, through its leadership in green government, its commitment to providing best-in-class information and services to citizens, and by continuously improving government-wide policies for property acquisition and management.

In FY 2009, GSA reduced energy consumption by 14.29 percent over the FY 2003 baseline. This figure includes credits for on-site generation of renewable technology credits received for combined heat and power plant operations, and purchased renewable energy credits from offsite renewable energy generation sources.

The measure of citizen touchpoints counts the number of times GSA provides information to citizens through Web sites, telephone contacts, e-mail, Web chats and publications distributed. This is an important measure of GSA’s efforts to improve transparency in government. GSA achieved 245 million citizen touchpoints in FY 2009, exceeding its target by 12 percent. Contributing to this performance improvement was a nine percent increase in visits to and a six percent increase in visits to other Web sites. E-mail responses increased by 6.5 percent, while Web chats with citizens increased by 45 percent. Subscriber e-mail contacts jumped an impressive 83 percent. New task orders under the USA Contact support contract enabled a rise from one million to 3.9 million in contacts through this channel. GSA also realized a 14 percent increase in the usage of USA Search services provided to other agencies.

GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) uses measures to ensure that its policies are “used and useful,” and that they produce the desired outcome improvements. Under OGP’s Policy Portfolio Performance System (3PS), the extent to which OGP policy initiatives achieved improvement targets gauges OGP’s progress across its diverse field of policy responsibilities (real property, technology, personal property, etc.). In FY 2009, each of the six initiatives in GSA’s policy portfolio selected at the start of the year met or exceeded its designated targets.

The percentage of key policy stakeholders and agency users who rate OGP policy initiatives effective also exceeded its FY 2009 target. GSA’s annual effectiveness survey was distributed to 45 executive agencies, bureaus and commissions. Three independent standards bodies were asked to assist in the survey through coordinating executive branch standards with industry standards. With a score of 81 percent, for the third consecutive year GSA has increased its effectiveness rating. Overall, key policy stakeholders were highly satisfied.

FY 2009 Innovation Performance Measures Summary
Strategic Goal/
Service or Office
Measures FY 2009
FY 2009
PBS – Asset Management Percent reduction in energy consumption over the FY 2003 baseline 12.00% 14.29% Met
OCSC Citizen touchpoints 218M 245M Met
OGP Extent to which OGP policy initiatives achieved improvement targets 92% 100% Met
OGP Percentage of key policy stakeholders and agency users who rate OGP policy initiatives effective 63% 81% Met


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