Key Benefits of the GSA Schedules Program

The wide variety and large number of Schedule contractors allow ordering activities to access an extensive range of supplies and services to satisfy their requirements. More than 19,000 Schedule contractors offer over 20 million supplies and services.

Additionally, the Schedules program offers ordering activities numerous benefits, including:


When placing orders against Schedule contracts, an ordering activity does not need to order the lowest-priced services/supplies. Instead, ordering activities make a best value determination to select services or supplies to meet their needs (to find more on “Best Value” refer to Section 3).

Schedule users have the opportunity to access the latest innovative services and technologies available. Schedule contractors have the ability to submit requests at any time to update their offerings, including a requirement to remove any supplies and services they no longer offer commercially.

Expert Knowledge

GSA forms partnerships with industry experts — from small, innovative companies to Fortune 500 firms — that understand the supplies and services needed by Schedules program customers. Similarly, GSA works with ordering activities to understand their needs. These efforts bring the private sector and ordering activities together in the knowledge supply chain.

Money-Saving Options

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Always ask for discounts from Schedule prices and rates. What do you have to lose?
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The Economy Act, FAR 17.500 (b)(1), does not apply to the GSA Schedules program. No Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required for an agency to use a Schedules contract.