Order Placement

Ordering activities may place orders orally, except for:

  1. Supplies and services not requiring a statement of work exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold
  2. Services requiring a statement of work (SOW)
  3. Orders containing brand-name specifications that exceed $25,000

IAW FAR 17.502-1(a)(2), prior to placing an order with a value greater than $500,000, the ordering activity shall make a determination that use of GSA Schedule contracts constitutes the best procurement approach. This determination, as a minimum, must include an analysis using the following factors:

  1. The suitability of GSA Schedule as the contract vehicle
  2. The value of using the contract vehicle, including:
    1. The administrative cost savings from using an already existing contract
    2. Lower prices, greater number of vendors, and reasonable vehicle access fees
  3. The expertise of the requesting agency to place orders and administer them against the selected contract vehicle throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

Prior to the placement of an order, the ordering activity must ensure that the regulatory and statutory requirements of the requiring agency have been applied. Orders must include the following information in addition to any information required by the Schedule contract:

(Ordering by model number, features and options such as color, finish and electrical characteristics, if available, must be specified.)