Section 4: Responsibilities

When using Schedule contracts, ordering activities are encouraged to take on the role of “smart buyers.” In other words, ordering activities do not need to know how to produce the product or service required; instead, they need to be able to:

Past Performance

Ordering agencies should evaluate whether their contracting partners are reliable by examining their past performance. Past performance is a key indicator for predicting future performance. Elements of past performance may include the ability to meet contract requirements, good workmanship, quality, timeliness, responsiveness to customers and maintaining business relations as well as a firm’s ability to manage and document contract performance, costs and delivery schedules.

Ordering activities should be aware of the distinction between experience and past performance. In the evaluation of these two factors, ordering activities must be reasonable and consistent with the RFQ’s evaluation criteria.

Experience is an objective evaluation criteria based on whether the Schedule contractor previously performed the requisite work.

Past performance is defined as a measure of the degree to which a Schedule contractor has satisfied its customers in the past and complied with applicable laws and regulations. Past performance is considerably more open to interpretation.

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Both experience and past performance may be evaluated in terms of relevance to the scope of the procurement under consideration.