Section 5: Making the Most of the GSA Schedules Program

Understanding Terms and Conditions

The GSA Schedules program is designed to assist government customers in achieving their procurement requirements and goals. The terms and conditions, including all clauses, are available for viewing for each Schedule through GSA eLibrary. While GSA will not alter the terms and conditions of a Schedule contract in violation of CICA, nor alter the scope of a contract to meet an individual ordering activity’s unique needs, an ordering activity may add terms and conditions to an order that do not conflict with the Schedule contract terms and conditions. Use caution when adding terms and conditions to a Schedules order to ensure that no violation of CICA occurs.

An explanation of the following Schedule contract terms and conditions is provided. To view all of the terms and conditions of a Schedule contract, visit Contracts Online though GSA eLibrary at

Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) for Schedule contractors can be viewed at