Environmental Identification


Federal agencies are required by statutes and executive orders to purchase certain products with specific environmental or energy attributes.  E.O. 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, set acquisition-related goals for purchasing green products, alternative fuel vehicles, sustainable buildings, and green IT.  E.O. 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance, set a goal that 95% of contract actions must require green products.

GSA’s goal is to become the preferred source for environmental products and services in the Federal Government. A variety of environmental products and services are available to Schedule users to assist them in their efforts to comply with procurement responsibilities outlined in federal environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental products and services are categorized as:

Schedule contractors are required to properly identify products that have environmental attributes to assist ordering activities seeking to comply with environmental laws and supporting regulations and executive orders (refer to GSAM 552.238-72). Schedule contractors are required to make their identifications in following mediums: (1) the offer itself; (2) printed commercial catalogs, brochures and price lists; (3) online products website; (4) electronic data submission for GSA Advantage!® via GSA’s Schedules Input Program (SIP) software or the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Ordering activities desiring to utilize service contracts that assist them with preparing environmental impact statements, compliance requirements, environmental/occupational training, remediation and other needs should refer to www.gsa.gov/environmentalservices.

Energy Services (refer to www.gsa.gov/energyservices).

NOTE: Customers should review Schedule contractor literature and contact the Schedule contractor directly to obtain complete information regarding environmental claims.

Agencies are required to purchase green products designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and Department of Agriculture. Rather than reviewing multiple websites, you can find the designated products listed in the Green Products Compilation,  www.gsa.gov/greenproductscompilation. The products are listed by category (e.g., office products, office electronics). GSA updates the Compilation quarterly.

Applicable guidance can also be found in FAR 23, DFARS 223 and on the GSA Environmental
Products website at www.gsa.gov/enviro.