Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card – GSA SmartPay® 2

A governmentwide commercial purchase card is issued by government agencies and allows federal employees to make official purchases. Schedule contractors are required to accept the governmentwide commercial purchase card for orders up to the micropurchase threshold and are encouraged to accept the purchase card for purchases above this threshold.

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Ordering activities may make payments for oral or written orders using the governmentwide commercial purchase card (refer to FAR 8.405-7).

The purchase card enables day-to-day business purchases and allows ordering activities to manage the information contained in the management information reports in order to negotiate better discounts from contractors.

Benefits of the GSA SmartPay® 2 Program

The GSA SmartPay® 2 program provides the Federal Government and its contractors with numerous benefits including:

Remember to identify your ordering activity as a Schedule customer whenever placing an order and ask Schedule contractors for their Schedule contract numbers and Schedule pricing.

The GSA SmartPay® 2 website, available at, provides a copy of the Master Contract, contractor guides, performance summaries, a list of agency representatives for questions and answers, agency information, and points of contact. Web-based training for agency/program coordinators is available at

A self-paced tutorial is also available at to instruct new cardholders on how to use the purchase card responsibly.

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Whenever the purchase card is used as a payment method for a contract action, the contract action may be applied toward ordering agencies' goals based upon the socioeconomic characteristics of the GSA Schedule contractor.