FAR 51 Deviation


FAR Subpart 51.1, Contractor Use of Government Supply Sources, prescribes policies and procedures under which contractors may use government supply sources. Currently, Contracting Officers may authorize contractors to use GSA sources of supply in the performance of cost-reimbursement contracts and under other limited scenarios when determined to be in the best interest of the Government.

In order to better meet the needs of GSA’s customer agencies, a deviation to FAR Subpart 51.1 has been approved to expand the authority of contractors to use GSA sources of supply. Specifically, Federal Government Contracting Officers are now authorized to give all GSA contractors access to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and GSA Global Supply™ programs when deemed appropriate for fulfillment of their agency requirements. Please note that the FSS Program is inclusive of those Schedules managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This authority is limited to contracts/orders:


The ability for GSA contractors to purchase from the FSS and GSA Global Supply™ programs benefits our customers and contractor community in the following ways.