Use of Oral Presentations

NOTE: Oral presentations are not typically used under a GSA Schedules procurement environment, but may be used at the discretion of the ordering activity Contracting Officer. It is important that the ordering activity Contracting Officer use proper procedures and not mix FAR Part 15 ordering procedures with FAR Subpart 8.4 procedures for placing orders against GSA Schedules. However, the ordering activity Contracting Officer may consult FAR 15.102 for processes and techniques for the use of oral presentations and tailor them to fit the requirements in FAR Subpart 8.4. These procedures are outlined below.

Ordering agencies may utilize oral presentations at their discretion. The purpose of oral presentations is to give the requirements personnel an opportunity to discuss and totally understand the solution the quoter will deliver if selected. Oral presentations also allow for greater face-to-face interaction and are especially important in those procurements where the quoter’s key personnel are critical to the success of the procurement.

Oral presentations by quoters, as requested by the government, supplement written information submitted. Oral presentations occur after quotations have been screened and reviewed, and are subject to the same restrictions as written information. Oral presentations provide an excellent opportunity for dialogue between the government and the prospective contractors.

Pre-recorded videotaped presentations that lack real-time interactive dialogue are not considered oral presentations for the purposes of this section, although they may be included in quoter submissions, when appropriate.

The SOW may require each quoter to submit part of its quote through oral presentations. However, a signed quote sheet (including any exceptions to the government’s terms and conditions) shall be submitted in writing.

Information pertaining to areas such as a quoter’s capability, past performance, work plans or approaches, staffing resources, transition plans or sample tasks (or other types of tests) may be suitable for oral presentations. In deciding what information to obtain through an oral presentation, consider the following:

When oral presentations are required, the SOW, PWS, or SOO shall provide quoters with sufficient information to prepare them. Accordingly, the SOW, PWS or SOO may describe:

Limited communications with Schedule contractors to seek additional or clarifying information is allowed and is not considered formal “exchanges.”

The Contracting Officer shall maintain a record of oral presentations to document what the government relied upon in making the source selection decision. The method and level of detail of the record (such as: videotaping, audio tape recording, written record, government notes and copies of briefing slides or presentation notes) shall be at the discretion of the source selection authority. A copy of the record placed in the file may be provided to the quoter.

When an oral presentation includes information that the parties intend to include in the contract as material terms or conditions, the information shall be put in writing. Incorporation by reference of oral statements is not permitted.