Duration and Annual Review of Schedule BPAs

Multiple-award BPAs generally should not exceed five years in length, but may do so to meet program requirements. The ordering activity Contracting Officer shall review each BPA and determine in writing, at least once a year, whether:

The determination shall be included in the BPA file documentation.

A single-award BPA shall not exceed one year, although it may include up to four one-year options. Prior to exercising each option under a single-award BPA, a review of the BPA must be completed and the Contracting Officer’s determination approved by the ordering activity competition advocate.

Contractors may be awarded Schedule BPAs that extend beyond the current term of their Schedule contract, so long as there are option periods in their Schedule contract that, if exercised, will cover the Schedule BPA’s period of performance (refer to FAR 8.405-2(c)).

BPA Documentation
When establishing Blanket Purchase Agreements under the GSA Schedules Program, the ordering activity shall document:
  • The Schedule contracts considered, noting the contractors with which BPAs have been established
  • A description of the requirements (e.g., estimated quantities, work to be performed)
  • The results of negotiations including agreed upon pricing and the estimated value
  • If applicable, the circumstances and rationale for restricting consideration of Schedule contractors to fewer than required in the Schedule ordering procedures. (The FAR 8.405-6 requirement for written justifications applies when establishing limited sources BPAs, since such BPAs restrict the number of contractors to fewer than those prescribed by the Schedule ordering procedures.)
  • Justification for award of a single BPA including agency head determination required by FAR 8.405-3(a)(3)(ii) as necessary
  • The evaluation methodology used in selecting the contractor to receive the BPA(s)
  • The rationale for any trade-offs in making the selection
  • The fair and reasonable price determination required by FAR 8.405-2(d) for BPAs with hourly rate services
  • If applicable, the rationale for placing other than Firm Fixed Price or performance-based orders
  • The results of the annual review and approval by Competition Advocate prior to exercise of option under single-award BPA
  • Evidence of compliance with competition requirements in FAR 8.405-3(b).

BPA Documentation
When ordering from BPAs, the ordering activity shall document:
  • The BPA holder from which the supply or service was purchased
  • A description of the supply or service purchased
  • The amount paid
  • That the total price for any orders are reasonable by performing a price determination as required by FAR 8.405-2(d) considering the level of effort and mix of labor
  • If applicable, the rationale for using other than a Firm Fixed Price order or a performance-based order

If ordering from multiple-award BPAs, in addition to the above, the ordering activity shall document:

  • The BPAs considered
  • The evaluation methodology used in selecting the BPA holder to receive the order
  • The rationale for any trade-offs in making the selection

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The RFQ should inform the Schedule contractors if you intend to establish a single or multiple-award BPA. It also must tell them the evaluation criteria you will use for the award and the relative importance of those evaluation factors.