The CTA document should designate who is responsible for invoicing and payment. While the team lead may submit an invoice on behalf of all team members, GSA recommends that payment be made to each team member. GSA recognizes, however, that there may be instances where it is advantageous to craft the CTA document so that payment is made to the team lead who, in turn, pays each team member. Under such circumstances, the CTA document should clearly indicate that all team members agree to this payment arrangement. The CTA document should also acknowledge that any dispute involving the distribution of payment between the team lead and the team members will be resolved by the team members, without any involvement by the government.


Since each team member in a Schedule CTA has a Schedule contract, each team member is held accountable under the terms and conditions of their contract for any problems such as warranty or performance issues. The CTA document should spell out which team member is responsible at each phase of the project. When evaluating team member performance, the ordering activity Contracting Officer should evaluate each team member accordingly. Disputes between CTA members involve them as parties to the CTA. The government is not a party to such disputes.


There could be a cost involved for contractors to participate in a Schedule Contractor Team Arrangement. The use of a CTA should not increase the price of the order to the government. The CTA document should spell out any costs associated with the arrangement and how they will be allocated among team members. The benefits of a CTA may more than compensate for a contractor’s costs by expanding the firm’s capabilities and broadening its customer base.


Please keep in mind that each team member is governed by his/her own Schedule contract, and that the CTA price quotation cannot exceed the awarded unit prices or hourly rates under its Schedule contract.