GSA: Multiple Award Schedules Desk Reference

… To the GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Desk Reference

Through the GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program, we establish long-term governmentwide contracts that provide easy access to more than 20 million commercial products and services. With MAS, you can place orders for commercial products and services at volume discount pricing. Further, due to established contractor relationships and the streamlined ordering procedures found in FAR Subpart 8.4, GSA Schedules offer shorter procurement lead-times and lower administrative costs. When using GSA MAS, your purchases count toward your socioeconomic program goals, while promoting compliance with various environmental and socioeconomic laws and regulations. Procedures used to purchase from GSA Schedules vary based upon the dollar amount of the procurement and whether or not a Statement of Work (SOW) is required. This manual will guide you through that process and help to gain an understanding of how the MAS program works.