List of Acronyms

Below you'll find acronyms that appear in this manual.

AACActivity Address Code
ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution
A/OPCAgency/Organization Program Coordinator
BOABasic Ordering Agreement
BPABlanket Purchase Agreement
CAECenter for Acquisition Excellence
CICACompetition in Contracting Act
CCRCentral Contractor Registration
CMLSCentralized Mailing List Service
COCCertificate of Competency
CTAContractor Team Arrangement
eBuyElectronic Request for Quotes System
EPAEconomic Price Adjustment
EPLSExcluded Parties List System
FAPIISFederal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FASFederal Acquisition Service
FBOFederal Business Opportunities
FPMRFederal Property Management Regulations
GFEGovernment Furnished Equipment
GFIGovernment Furnished Information
GFMGovernment Furnished Material
GPEGovernmentwide Point-of-Entry
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSAMGeneral Services Administration Acquisition ManualĀ 
GWACGovernmentwide Acquisition Contract
HUBZoneHistorically Underutilized Business Zone
IDIQIndefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity
MFCMost Favored Customer
MASMultiple Award Schedule
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
NCSCNational Customer Service Center
ODCOther Direct Cost
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
PBAPerformance-based Acquisition
PLPublic Law
PPIRSPast Performance Information Retrieval System
PWSPerformance Work Statement
QASPQuality Assurance Surveillance Plan
RFIRequest for Information
RFQRequest for Quotation
SATSimplified Acquisition Threshold
SBASmall Business Administration
SINSpecial Item Number
SOOStatement of Objectives
SOWStatement of Work
SPOCState Point of Contact
U.S.C.United States Code