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  • Post requirements
  • Issue RFI/RFQ
  • Notification of award

eBuy—An online RFQ system that allows ordering activities to post requirements, obtain quotes, and issue orders.

eBuy, GSA’s electronic RFQ system, streamlines the buying process with point and click functionality by allowing RFQs and RFIs to be exchanged between federal buyers and Schedule contractors. Use of eBuy increases competition in federal contracting through its transparency feature—allowing maximum exposure to all vendors within a specific SIN. eBuy greatly supports civilian and DOD goals of increased competition in contracting.

Market research may be facilitated using eBuy to distribute an RFI to Schedule contractors. Using an RFI via eBuy may produce valuable feedback from potential Schedule contractors on how to best tailor the acquisition and how to best utilize Schedule sources. RFIs should be clearly identified as such, and include a statement such as: “This is a request for information only. No award will be made as a result of this request.”

Issuing an RFQ via eBuy allows ordering activities to post requirements, obtain quotes, and award orders electronically.

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Note: IAW with DFARS PGI 208.405-70, posting of a request for quotation on eBuy, is one medium for providing fair notice to all contractors as required by FAR 8.405 and DFARS 208.405-70(c)(2).