Training Opportunities for Federal Employees

GSA offers training to managers and employees of federal agencies working in a variety of areas. Available training includes Web-based, self-teaching tools, nationwide on-site events, and annual conferences.

Contracts and Acquisitions

Federal employees can learn how to purchase quality supplies and services at the best possible prices through these two learning centers:

  • GSA Schedules Training – Courses for contracting professionals seeking to strengthen their understanding of GSA Schedules. Topics include: Using Multiple Award Schedules, Using GSA Schedules for Small Business Utilization, Section 863 Enhancing Competition, Blanket Purchase Agreements, Contractor Team Arrangements, State and Local Government Programs, and FAR 51 Deviation Contractor Use of Schedules.
  • Federal Acquisition Institute – Training and certifications specifically designed to develop the federal acquisition workforce, with both classroom and Web-based courses available.

Technology Management

Web managers and IT personnel can share ideas and learn ways to optimize websites through the following resources and events:

Purchase and Travel Charge Cards

GSA SmartPay® Web-based training courses are designed to improve the efficient use of the charge card programs. Courses are targeted to program coordinators and employees.

Policy Training

Various policy-related training opportunities are available for mail managers, aviation safety officers, and federal committee management officers:

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