GSA Organization

GSA Leadership Directory
Organization chart showing structure of GSA leadership.
Office of the Administrator
The administrator's office oversees the operations and management of GSA.

National Services

Federal Acquisition Service
FAS supports the mission of government agencies by ensuring a positive, efficient, and compliant buying experience.
Public Buildings Service
PBS provides superior workplaces for federal customer agencies at good economies to the American taxpayer.

Staff Offices

Office of Government-wide Policy
OGP ensures that governmentwide policies encourage agencies to develop and use the best and most cost-effective management practices for the conduct of their specific programs.
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
OCFO ensures that GSA operates in a compliant and efficient manner by providing accurate, cost-effective financial and performance analysis, reporting, and advice.
Office of Human Resources Management
OHRM works to attract, motivate, develop and retain GSA employees through the implementation of effective programs, policies, and operations regarding human capital.
Office of the Chief Information Officer
OCIO pursues new ways of applying computing and communications technology to the practical problems of information management in order to reduce the cost and improve the quality of government services, reduce technology risk, and share the results of projects throughout the federal sector.
Office of Administrative Services
OAS provides internal administrative services and manages FOIA requests, internal policies, executive correspondence, and workplace initiatives.
Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
OCIA serves as adviser to the administrator and supervises and maintains agency liaison with all members of Congress and congressional committees.
Office of Strategic Communication
OSC focuses on conveying information about GSA to federal employees and external audiences, including the media, agency customers, stakeholders, and the American public.
Office of Small Business Utilization
OSBU promotes increased access to GSA’s nationwide procurement opportunities.
Office of General Counsel
OGC provides sound and timely legal advice and representation to GSA clients to enhance their ability to help federal agencies better serve the public by offering, at best value, superior workplaces, expert solutions, acquisition services, and management policies.
Office of Civil Rights
OCR ensures equal opportunities and nondiscrimination in GSA programs and activities.
Office of Mission Assurance
OMA ensures that GSA maintains a constant state of readiness to perform its essential functions in response to emergencies, and prepares for the swift resumption of normal operations during emergency situations.

Independent Offices

Office of Inspector General
OIG promotes economy, efficiency, and effectiveness within GSA and works to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse in the agency's programs and operations.
Board of Contract Appeals
BCA hears and decides contract disputes between government contractors and executive agencies.
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