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DOE Recognizes GSA Energy Award Winners

October 19, 2001

GSA #9897

October 19, 2001
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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Seven U.S. General Services Administration teams earned Federal Energy and Water Management Awards from the Federal Interagency Energy Policy Committee and the Department of Energy (DOE), GSA announced today. The seven teams won GSA awards on the same day, Oct. 17.

The government-wide awards recognize contributions toward increased energy efficiency and water conservation within the federal government.

GSA won the Energy Star Building Award for Superior Performance. Energy Star is a symbol of energy efficiency established by the Envrironmental Protection Agency and DOE. Buildings with energy and water performance ratings among the top 25 percent nationally -- earning a score of at least 75-- and which maintain an indoor environment that conforms to industry standards can qualify to receive the Energy Star label for buildings.

In FY 2000 the following GSA-managed buildings achieved a benchmarking score of 95 or higher: Prince Kuhio Kalanianole Federal Building, U.S. Courthouse, Honolulu, Hawaii; El Paso, Texas, Federal Office Building; Federal Building, U.S. Courthouse Lafayette, La.; Federal Building, Tucson, Ariz.; U.S. Customhouse, New Orleans, La.; A. Maceo Smith Federal Building, Dallas, Texas; Chet Holifield Federal Building, Laguna Niguel, Calif.

GSA honored its seven Energy Efficiency Award project winners and the 27 associates who developed the projects, in its headquarters office, with Administrator Stephen Perry and Mark Ewing, Director, Energy Center of Expertise, PBS, presenting GSA's Energy Efficiency Awards.

The winners were:

Small Group, Alternative Financing Awards, Atlanta Energy Performance: Stan Hall, Michael Harris, Floria Standifer, Timothy Wisner, Charles Evans. The team was recognized for its work on the Atlanta Energy Performance Contract, a Department of Energy, Super ESPC energy project, incorporating the major federal facilities of the Atlanta Property Management Center. The project demonstrates real entrepreneurial drive in achieving the energy reduction requirements of Executive Order 13123. This project has attained the DOE Federal Energy Saver Showcase designation and the EPA Energy Star Building certification for the Richard B. Russell Federal Building

Lincoln Energy Conservation Project: Harry Atkins, Chuck Korytowski, Perry Boeschen, P.E., Tony Pensick, Suvit S. Boyd. This was the first project completed with the Department of Energy's Super ESPC contract by Region 6 of GSA. By using $3.78 million of funding earmarked for replacement of CFC-containing chillers, and installing an energy management system, the Lincoln Team took a "whole building approach" and achieved $119,966 in annual savings for one building.

Organization - Renewable Energy Award, Metcalfe Solar Roof Initiative: Jeff Mornar, Tom Davis, Jane Rath, Julie Bertholdm GSA, EPA and DOE formed a multiple agency team to implement a 10kW solar photovoltaic system for the Ralph H. Metcalfe Building, home to the EPA Region 5 Headquarters in Chicago. The team developed and implemented a photovoltaic solar cell system that demonstrates a non-polluting, renewable energy approach for generating supplemental electricity for building operations.

Organization - Effective Program Implementation and Management, Courthouse Energy Conservation Program: Property Management Division, Fred Peller, Nancy Garrett, Larry Matthews, Don Klotz, Julie Berthold. Diligent planning resulted in receiving funds from the Energy Center of Expertise in fiscal year 2000 to complete three whole-building retrofits, as a part of GSA's Courthouse Energy Renovation Program. In all, GSA invested more than $1.44 million dollars in the three courthouses, for an annual savings of $168,000 dollars, an 8.57-year payback.

Small Group - Effective Program Implementation and Management Award:" Carol Lautzenheiser, Guy Lunay, Kevin Myles, Mark Trimarchi, James Kuo. In 1998, GSA's Greater Southwest Region assembled the Energy Team, a group with diverse backgrounds, self-directed and committed to saving energy. In fiscal year 2000 alone, the Energy Team completed two ESPC projects and one funded project, encompassing a total of 26 government buildings in central and south Texas. With a total construction cost of $6.9 million, the projects will save over 30,000 MBtu's annually, and $740,000 per year, in energy, water, and maintenance costs.

Small Group - Renewable Energy Award, Photovoltaic Demonstration Project at Suitland Federal Center: Steve White, Patrick Dawson. GSA's National Capital Region has installed a 100-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic power system at the Suitland Federal Center in Suitland, Maryland. This facility showcases renewable energy technology in the National Capital Region. Coordinated through GSA/NCR's Maintenance & Energy Branch, the project was funded by the GSA National Energy Center of Expertise. The largest installation to date in the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, this highly visible demonstration serves as a working model for future photovoltaic installations. It reduces the Suitland Federal Center's conventional energy needs and offsets production of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Small Group - Innovative / New Technology Award, Aggregate Power Purchase for 100% Renewable Power: Ken Shutika, Don Stiteler, Barbara McPhelim, Jerard Butler. Members combined the electric requirements of six GSA two non-GSA accounts, and then went to market with the combined requirement of 3,000,000 kWh of renewable electricity. The innovative aggregate power purchase approach resulted in an account large enough to entice highly competitive pricing. The method allowed GSA to purchase 100% renewable power from 100% renewable resources with little or no price premium versus long-term regulated rates. The $170,000 contract was GSA's first procurement for renewable power in Pennsylvania.

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