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GSA Develops Unprecedented Government Platform to Manage Big Data

July 7, 2016

WASHINGTON -- The General Services Administration's Data to Decisions (D2D) Program was recognized for its innovative work during the 10th Annual Red Hat Innovation Awards, an open source technology event. The D2D platform is the resulting implementation of cutting edge technology principles. It is designed to collect, manage, and analyze complex data from multiple sources, providing faster and more accurate data analysis.

"Data can be tremendously impactful and we have demonstrated it time and again at GSA," said Adam Neufeld, GSA Deputy Administrator. "But to drive to impacts we need to be deliberate about deploying our resources, training, systems and talent. D2D is an outstanding example of this holistic approach to data management."

D2D supports the government's goal of promoting open data, transparency, and data accessibility. It provides a suite of user-friendly data analytics tools to enable operational-to-executive decision making utilizing big data and descriptive/prescriptive/predictive analytics methodologies. The program meets the federal government's mandate to use open source technologies and solutions whenever possible.

GSA is embracing open source technology because it delivers cost savings while fostering continuous innovation. In support of these goals, GSA worked with Acuity Systems to design and implement the next generation data and decision management framework capable of government-wide scale to allow the government to better use its data resources to make more intelligent decisions while lowering costs and addressing the government's security requirements.

Taxpayers benefit when government is more efficient and in a better position to make the right decisions based on accurate analytics. This platform gives users a glimpse into the future by bringing hidden patterns and valuable insights on current and future behaviors to light.

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