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GSA Leasing Support Services Fact Sheet

September 30, 2015

Improvements Made To Program Based On Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback GSA Solution
Demonstrate Cost Savings
  • Rental Rate: Included new incentives based on lease cost and market performance.
  • Commission: Revised commission agreement language to make it more in line with normal broker industry practices.
  • Personnel: Realigned internal staffing structure to eliminate workload redundancy and use fewer GSA resources on GLS projects.
Reduce Administrative Burdens, Create Consistency Among Regions
  • Streamlined ordering procedures, reduced reporting and evaluation requirements, defined consistent regional staffing.
Increase Contract Flexibility, Expand Contract Scope
  • Added menu of services that includes pre and post award work.
  • Expanded scope of broker responsibilities to mirror GSA leasing specialists.
  • Added strategic planning, including the identification of soft-term lease opportunities.
  • Revised strategic planning services language to give contractors more flexibility in reporting information about changes in market conditions, renegotiation opportunities, or changes in ownership rights within the shared portfolio.
Increase Opportunities for Small Business
  • Expanded zonal structure from four to nine awards and modified requirements to enable smaller firms to be more competitive for prime awards.
  • Restructured source selection criteria by adding additional evaluation factors to enable smaller firms to be more competitive for prime awards.
Increase Utilization of Contract; Use Contract to Decrease Holdovers and Extensions
  • Developed a utilization strategy based on portfolio needs and workload planning.
  • Incorporated contract utilization into the GSA/PBS Strategic Blueprint and Performance Plans.
  • Instituted a new staffing structure that uses less GSA in-house resources on broker projects.
Clarify Training Language
  • Clarified training language to specify who is required to take training, what type of training is required, and how the training will be offered.

Last Reviewed: 2019-04-24