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GSA Recognizes IRM Graduates in 1,000 by 2,000 Program

October 31, 1997

GSA # 9447

October 31, 1997
Contact: Bill Bearden

The U.S. General Services Administration's IT Professional Development Division in the Office of Governmentwide Policy honored its fourth graduating class of students from the 1,000 by the Year 2000 IRM Certificate and Master's Degree Program on October 22. A total of 448 have completed the program.

GSA Administrator David Barram, recognized the graduates for their commitment to improving themselves, and for individually addressing the government's critical need to maintaining a highly-skilled and competent IT workforce.

The education program is open to all Federal agencies. It is a partnership between GSA and academia created to help employees keep up to date on changes in the field of IRM. GSA and the participating universities each award graduates an IRM certificate after they have completed six graduate level courses that provide a common background in IRM, information technology and information management. As the program title implies, the intent is to have 1,000 information management professionals trained by the year 2000.

Division director Emory Miller opened the ceremony and complimented the graduates on their commitment, hard work, and achievement.

Certificate graduates were William Bevan, Jr., Justice; Lynda Bryant and Wanda Peterson-Parker, GSA; Linda Lovett, Central Intelligence Agency; Pamela Perry, Joan Weeks and Jungja Yoon, Library of Congress; Jessica Spencer, William Rogers, and Michele Washington, Department of the Air Force; Barbara Brown, Brian Fletcher, and Alexander Kolibabek, Department of the Navy; Sean Kelly, Steven Martin, Francis Sims, Jacqueline Bell, and Donna Stemple, Department of Defense; Mark Le Blanc U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency; Valarie Burks, and James Ungvarsky, General Accounting Office; Lori Gordon, Michele Millican, Gay Morris and Natasha Richburg, Department of Health and Human Services; Gilbert Flodine, William Herrmann, Kenneth Putkovich and Aaron Romain Tweedy, Department of Commerce; Mark Loberg and William Holt, Department of the Army; Patricia Bailey, Department of Agriculture and Kevin Holston, Department of Energy.

Special recognition was given to 27 students who completed course requirements for their Master's Degrees. Recipients were William Bevan, Jr., Lynda Bryant, Kimberly Ferrier, and Pavel Lesho, Capitol College; Sean Kelly, Donald Rosenberg, Mary Stumpf, Isaiah Parker, and Edward Whatley, Drexel University; William Rogers, Brian Fletcher and Mark Le Blanc, George Washington University; James Kent, Marymount University; Martha Cain, Richard Gragg, Catherine Greenville, Bruce Habercamp, William Holt, Fenton Hirschi, Anthony Johnson, Paul Jones, Jr., Maria Meredith, Neil Nelson, Kenneth Nero, Harlon Reihing, Catherine Sheridan, Lawrence Slight, and Michele Washington, Syracuse University; and Valarie Burks, University of Maryland.

The DOD IRM College (IRMC) and Syracuse University received awards for their partnership in furthering IT professional development across the Federal government. IRMC laid the foundation for 11 of the students who continued their educational experience at Syracuse and earned a Master's of Science in Information Resources Management.

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