Visit GSA on Facebook: GSA provides innovative solutions for federal agencies that include products, services, workspace, and expertise to build a better government for the American public.

Other GSA Facebook pages and links:
USA.gov: This is the official portal to all official government information and services on the Internet.
GobiernoUSA.gov: The site offers those who speak Spanish easy access to government services, programs and information to help newcomers and well established residents alike.
GSA Schedules: Info for those who have contracts and those who are looking to sell to the federal government.
GSA SmartPay: News and info for participants in the GSA SmartPay program.
Challenge.gov: Using prizes and challenges to promote innovation across the United States.
DigitalGov: Blog posts, training and more -- plus you can share, engage and ask questions.
GSA Auctions: Cars, trucks, boats, planes, office equipment and more.
GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales
GSA Office of Small Business Utilization: Cars, trucks, boats, planes, office equipment and more.
GSA's Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal: Helpful if you're looking to purchase federal real estate.
GSA New England Region (R1)
GSA Northeast and Caribbean Region (R2)
GSA Mid-Atlantic Region (R3)
GSA Southeast Sunbelt Region (R4)
GSA Great Lakes Region (R5)
GSA Heartland Region (R6)
GSA Greater Southwest Region (R7)
GSA Pacific Rim Region (R9)
GSA Northwest/Arctic Region (R10)

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