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Acting Administrator Bibb Helps Dedicate New ATF National Headquarters

Remarks by
David L. Bibb
Acting Administrator
U.S. General Services Administration
ATF Building Dedication
Washington, DC
May 29, 2008

Thank you very much, Tony.

Attorney General Mukasey…

Congresswoman Norton …

Mayor Fenty …

Ladies and gentlemen …

Good morning. It is an honor and privilege to be with you today for the dedication of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) National Headquarters Building.

We’re here to celebrate:

  • The completion of a world-class facility;
  • The partnership that produced it;
  • The economic ripples this new building will generate in this immediate area and throughout the metropolitan region;
  • And the important work that our ATF colleagues do here day in and day out to make our nation safer and more secure.

Ensuring public safety is a job that requires coordination, cooperation and collaboration by many individuals and organizations. The same is true when it comes to producing a bold, secure and elegant building like the new ATF Headquarters.

Let me take a moment to thank:

  • Moshe Safdie and Associates, who designed this landmark structure;
  • Attorney General Michael Mukasey, ATF Acting Director Michael Sullivan; Deputy Director Ronnie Carter, and the entire ATF team;
  • Mayor Fenty and the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton … It is my sincere hope that this facility triggers a fantastic wave of new development;

I also want to acknowledge:

  • All the other agencies and congressional committees that played a role in getting us to this momentous day;
  • General Contractor Walsh-Davis, and the Gilbane Building company, which provided construction management services;
  • And last, our own GSA team, headed by Regional Administrator Tony Reed, Project Executive Frank Palermo, and Project Managers Jean Hundley and Rick Hamilton.

This project has experienced some bumps in the road, but as it stands today, the building certainly allows GSA to showcase our role as a provider of world-class workspace, products and services, and enables us to fulfill our commitment to strengthen the federal presence in our nation’s cities and urban areas.

In closing, please know that our commitment does not end with today’s ceremony. Rather, our job is to make sure all who work here can do their jobs without having to worry about the facility. It is my pledge that GSA will do everything within our power to provide future maintenance and upkeep in a manner that will not only support ATF operations, but do so in a manner that will make us all proud.

On behalf of all of us at GSA, congratulations, and best wishes as you perform your longstanding and critical mission of service for the American people.

Thank you very much.

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