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Administrator Doan Accepts Keys to 55 Saturn Hybrids for GSA Fleet

As prepared for delivery

Remarks by
Lurita A. Doan
U.S. General Services Administration
GSA takes Delivery of Saturn Hybrid Sedans
Washington, DC
July 19, 2007

Thank you Bill Webster.

Good morning. GSA plays several roles when it comes to the federal fleet: We help formulate policy; we buy, sell and lease vehicles, and we have our own GSA fleet.

Within these roles is the responsibility to be a smart shopper. A smart shopper asks:

  • What did I get for my money?
  • Was it what I really wanted?
  • And, does it make me feel good?

This buy makes me feel very good.

  • Today we take ownership of 55 Saturn Hybrid Sedans that are good-looking and good for the environment.
  • And yes, you bet it’s what we really wanted. These hybrids contribute to our national goal of reducing petroleum consumption.
  • And they enable GSA to help our customer agencies meet their environmental goals.
    The Saturns we take ownership of today are part of our leasing operation. We have also purchased over 140,000 alternative fuel vehicles from manufacturers for our federal customers. That’s more than any single organization in the nation.

The agencies, with GSA’s assistance, have done a good job meeting federal energy efficiency requirements. Agencies currently have 131,000 alternatively fueled vehicles on the road out of a fleet of about 630,000 cars and trucks.

Though hybrid technology is new, providing vehicles and fleet management services to the agencies is old hat to GSA. We began this work in 1954, when Eisenhower was president, 21 cents bought a gallon of gas, and a good car cost less than $2,500.

As I said, GSA also maintains its own fleet of about 1,200 cars and trucks. I’m proud that when it comes to the greening of the federal fleet, we’re leading by example:

  • 26 percent of our vehicles are compact or subcompact sedans.
  • We’ve bettered our average fuel economy by 33.5 percent.
  • Our cost per mile is 39 percent below the governmentwide average.
  • We continue to increase the percentage of AFVS in our fleet (57 percent of acquisitions versus a governmentwide average of 29 percent). That includes the car designated for official use by the GSA Administrator.

We know that there’s no silver bullet to our national push for energy independence. That’s why it’s so important to maximize efficiency as we keep working on the technology.

President Bush says, “when it comes to energy and the environment, the American people expect common sense, and they expect action.”

Nothing could be truer. I hope that’s reflected in our purchase of these Saturn Hybrids, and I hope more and more federal agencies look to GSA to meet their transportation needs. We’re committed to providing the best fleet services in the business at the lowest possible cost, a formula that will yield major dividends for our colleagues, our citizens and our environment.

Thank you very much.

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