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Administrator Doan Addresses Coalition for Government Procurement

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Remarks by
Lurita Doan
U.S. General Services Administration
Coalition for Government Procurement 2007 Partnership Dinner - GSA Expo
Orlando, Florida
May 5, 20007

Thank you so much. It’s great to be here with all of you in Orlando. Thanks for helping to make our GSA Expo such a phenomenal success.

And thanks to The Coalition for Government Procurement – to Larry Allen, and to President Paul Caggiano. I know this is Paul’s last partnership dinner. I appreciate the support he and Larry have provided since I was sworn in just over 11 months ago. My very first public appearance as Administrator was before the coalition. I remember your spring conference arrived just a few days after I started the job. I remember that you made me feel very much at home – that’s not surprising. Business is where I started, where my roots are, and indeed where I feel most at home.

During those remarks, I made a few promises.

- to cut the time it takes to get on schedule;
- to untangle the red tape and simplify the process;
- I encouraged more of you to jump in and get on schedule;
- and I asked for your help, support and ideas.

You came through for me, as I hope I’ve come through for you. We’ve still got some work ahead, but the signs of progress are all around:

- We hired an awesome Commissioner named Jim Williams and got the Federal Acquisition Service up and running;
- we heard the concerns of our biggest client – DoD – made adjustments, and re-energized that very important relationship;
- we continue, under PBS Commissioner David Winstead, to be a leader in sustainable design, real property asset management, and countless other areas;
- our agency earned a clean audit;
- we made MAS Express a reality;
- we ramped up our emergency response capabilities;
- we rolled out Networx, HSPD-12, Sat-Com and the Vets GWAC;
- we made GSA one of the best places to work in the federal government. and it’s funny – as that happened, so, too, did we reignite the entrepreneurial spirit that has always been the hallmark of GSA …

behind the scenes, we’ve been working on a strategic plan that will successfully guide GSA into the future.

The foundation of the plan is a set of four key goals:

- the first goal is stewardship.
o We’re going to lead federal agencies in the economical and efficient management of federal assets by spearheading effective policy development. And we’ll lead through the exemplary management of the buildings/workplaces, motor vehicles, and personal property provided by GSA.

- The second goal is superior workplaces.
o We will deliver and maintain productive workplaces so our client agencies can stay focused on their core missions. That’s what President Truman envisioned when he signed the bill creating GSA in 1949. And that’s what we’re getting back to…

- Our third goal is to deliver best value.
o We will strive to develop and deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective acquisition services and business solutions.

- The fourth goal is innovation.
o We will develop new and better ways of conducting business that result in more productive and effective federal policies and administrative operations.

And we will meet these challenges as one GSA, with one voice. that’s the new slogan: one GSA – one voice. You’ll be hearing it a lot: One GSA – One Voice.

The first time you and I met face to face at that spring coalition conference last year, I told you there was only one question a reporter asked during my confirmation process that got me going a little. Maybe you remember – it was when I was asked what good a degree in renaissance literature would be in running a big organization like GSA.

After nearly a year as Administrator, I still don’t get how anyone could miss the connection.

The renaissance was about ideas and about change.

Everyone knew it was a transformational time, a period of great importance, a period of rebirth.

GSA is no different.

I’m as excited now as I was then about the challenges ahead … about the opportunities nestled within those challenges … and about helping – with your continued support - to make a good organization great.

Thank you very much.

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