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Administrator Recognizes National Child's Day

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Remarks By
Lurita Alexis Doan
U.S. General Services Administration
GSA National Child’s Day Celebration
GSA East Lobby
June 5, 2006

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to GSA.

What a special pleasure it is to see all these young, smiling faces here today. Maybe one day some of you will follow in your parents’ footsteps and come to work here yourselves!

We’re here today for GSA’s celebration of National Child’s Day. As President Bush has said:

"This is a day that we reaffirm our commitment to America’s children and recognize the power that each of us has to make a difference in a young person’s life."

The fact that all of you are here tells me your parents are special people. They know -- again, as the President has said -- that the character of a child is formed in the earliest years through the love and guidance of family members and other caring individuals.

Why would your parents bring you to work if they didn’t feel the same way? Of course that’s exactly how they feel!

Here’s something not too many people know about GSA.

That room over there is called Fingerprints, and it’s part of GSA’s nationwide Child Care Program. We have 100 centers operating in 31 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. We care for about 8,000 children every day.

  • 95 percent of our centers provide infant care;
  • 87 percent are open 11 hours or more a day; and
  • our centers are nationally accredited at 10 times the private sector rate!

That’s important because we want the best and brightest young adults to come work for government agencies like GSA. One reason they might choose public service is because they love their country. But you know what? Young parents also love their children. And they want to know that they can leave their kids in a great child care center.

Of course most parents would love to take their child to work every day of the year, right parents?

Well, maybe not. I’ll tell one more quick story and then I think we have some special certificates to hand out.

We have a wonderful executive at GSA named Emily Murphy. Emily’s mom was a lawyer – the only woman lawyer at the firm where she worked. When Emily was a baby, her mom wanted them to be together as much as possible. So she took baby Emily to the law firm and kept her in a bassinet under her desk. Emily went to work with her mom every day. Guess what Emily became when she grew up? Right! A lawyer!

Again, as a mother as well as Administrator, I want to thank all of you parents who brought your children to work today.

And thanks to you kids for being such a great audience.

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