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Doan Says New San Francisco Federal Building Reflects GSA Commitment to Design Excellence

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Remarks by
Lurita A. Doan
U.S. General Services Administration
San Francisco Federal Building
San Francisco, California
July 9, 2007

Thank you, Peter Stamison. Speaker Pelosi … Congressman Regula … Mayor Newsom … Ladies and gentlemen …

Good afternoon, it is my high privilege to represent the Bush Administration and GSA at the dedication of the remarkable San Francisco Federal Building. What a great day for the city, for the state of California, and for our nation!

It’s hard to imagine that we’re standing in what was once a disaster zone … that this historic American city was reeling from the force of a fantastic earthquake … that buildings crumbled and the future seemed so very dark and bleak.

For as we gather today, all I can see is a future shimmering with promise and possibility. The San Francisco Federal building is a statement. It says: we can co-exist with our environment, and in spectacular fashion. It says we are committed to the world outside our buildings as well as the workers within.

You will learn much more about the building from the speakers who follow. My message is that the lessons learned here – including how to take bold, revolutionary ideas from conception to construction -- will be applied to all GSA projects. These lessons will help us continue building extraordinary workplaces that are models with regard to health, productivity and creativity, and which reflect GSA’s commitment to design excellence and sustainable architecture.

Reaching this day has not been easy. The dedication ceremony is like a great orchestra on opening night. The audience hears music so beautiful, no one thinks of the hours, the imagination, and yes, the sweat, that went into the final product. Part of my job – and it’s a part I truly enjoy -- is to remind us, and to thank all the players for their commitment and persistence. So let me take a moment to do just that:

  • Thom Mayne (Morphosis) was the design architect;
  • The Smithgroup, Inc. was the executive architect; company president Carl Roehling is here today;
  • The construction manager was Hunt Construction, and the general contractor was the Dick Corporation / the Morganti Group. President Steven D’angelo is here from the Dick Corporation; President Nabil Takla is here from the Morganti Group;
  • I want to especially thank Speaker Pelosi for all her work to make this building a reality, plus all members of the California delegation who helped secure the necessary funding. I would also like to recognize Congressman Regula for his support;
  • I want to thank Mayor Newsom and express our sincere hope that the new federal building spurs economic ripples that extend well beyond this one project;
  • and I especially want to thank and congratulate our GSA team, particularly Public Buildings Service Commissioner David Winstead; Regional Administrator Peter Stamison, Assistant Regional Administrator Jeff Neely, and Project Executive Maria Ciprazo.

Your combined efforts were extraordinary. Please rise and let us give you a round of applause!

Lastly, let’s take a moment to pay tribute to the public servants who will work here day in and day out on behalf of the American people. Our tenant agencies are: the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor, the Office of Personnel Management and the Social Security Administration.

GSA was created 58 years ago to provide superior goods, services and workplaces at best value to our customer agencies. Fulfilling our mission – as I believe we have done here in pretty good fashion – is critical, because it lifts a heavy logistical burden off our colleagues, allowing them to focus solely on their missions.

GSA’s work does not end today. Our job is to make sure the employees here can do their jobs without having to worry about any aspect of the facility. We’ve got you covered, and it is my pledge that we will provide future maintenance and upkeep in a manner that will make us all proud.

Again, on behalf of GSA, on behalf of President Bush and on behalf of the American people, congratulations, and best wishes for continued success.

Thank you very much.

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