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EXPO Plenary Remarks by Dan Tangherlini -- Video

Event: EXPO Plenary Remarks -- Video
Principal: Dan Tangherlini
Date: Tuesday, May 15
Time: 9:00 AM

Hi, I’m Dan Tangherlini.

First, let me say welcome to GSA’s 2012 Expo. I’m sorry I can’t be with you today to kick off the conference, but I will be joining you later on and I look forward to meeting with GSA’s partners and working to deepen our relationships with the hundreds of vendors both large and small who are joining us here.

I’m relatively new to this job -- I’ve been at GSA for a little over 6 weeks now.

The circumstances of my arrival are well documented, and I won’t dwell on them, but I would like to say that the actions of those responsible for the Western Regions Conference cut to the heart of who we are and what we do.

The misconduct was irresponsible, indefensible, and completely contrary to the way that GSA does business and delivers value to our customer agencies. It undermined both our mission and the trust we have developed with those we serve, including our most important customer: the American public.

In response to the events detailed in that report, we have begun a top-to-bottom review of operations including all conferences, events, and travel. We are reforming our accountability structures and increasing financial oversight and controls. We will hold those responsible for misconduct and abuse accountable.

At the same time, we must look to the future, which is why we are doubling down on our core mission of promoting efficiency, boosting productivity, and, above all, saving taxpayer dollars.

GSA executes on that mission every day. Across our enterprise and within our business lines, GSA is committed to driving steeper bargains, delivering better value, and creating greater opportunities for governmentwide savings.

From cloud computing to high performance buildings, from shared IT services to supporting a fuel efficient federal fleet, we have a strong record of delivering value and promoting efficiency.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: the numbers speak for themselves. Annually, our online travel booking system saves federal agencies tens of millions of dollars; Annually, our fleet contracts save customers hundreds of millions of dollars on vehicle purchases; Annually, our CityPairs airfare contract saves the government billions of dollars over commercial ticket prices.

In 2011 alone, GSA lowered federal building energy consumption by nearly 20% over 2003 levels. We reduced the federal building inventory by 3.3 million square feet. We recouped $298 million in charge card refunds. We helped agencies avoid nearly $300 million in package delivery fees and $660 million in telecommunications charges.

And we’re not done yet. Not nearly. Among other things, we plan to: issue robust strategic sourcing options that will drive steeper savings for federal agencies; invest in innovative green-tech products and services to reduce the environmental and financial footprint of our building portfolio; partner with small businesses across the country to increase their opportunities and support these engines of our economy.

We’ve got a full agenda. But we can’t do this alone. To succeed in our mission -- to save taxpayer dollars -- we need the best ideas from our industry partners, including our small business partners, many of whom are joining us today.

After all, it’s that partnership that has been the bedrock of some of our nation’s finest achievements. Together, government and industry have pushed the boundaries of science, technology, engineering, and medicine. Together, we’ve brought relief to those in need and rebuilt communities when all seemed lost. Together, we’ve mapped the genetic origin of our species and the birth of our solar system.

That’s why today I’m confident that together, with clear-eyed optimism and an eye on the bottom line, we can continue our partnership and overcome our nation’s greatest challenges with resolve and determination.

One of those challenges is the budgetary reality faced by federal agencies. Across the government, GSA’s customers are being asked to do more with less. They must continue their critical operations while finding areas to scale back.

In this time of fiscal austerity and budget uncertainty, the role of the GSA and the expertise of our contracting officers have never been more vital.

That’s why Expo this year is so important: it’s focused squarely on training. Training to find new, effective products for the government. Training to reinforce contracting rules and regulations; and training on how to secure for the American people the best bargains to protect their tax dollars.

So thank you for attending the 2012 Expo, and let’s be sure that the work done here reflects our commitment to service -- and to savings.

I hope you have a productive time, and I look forward to hearing about the good work you accomplish.

Thank you.

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