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Date News Release Article
12/08/2010 Johnson Says Safety of our Federal Facilities is GSA's Highest Priority
11/16/2010 Johnson Discusses the Importance of GSA's Partnerships with Industry to Green the Supply Chain
11/09/2010 Johnson Helps Dedicate Armed Forces Retirement Home
11/08/2010 Johnson Pays Tribute to Nation's Veterans
11/03/2010 Johnson Hails GSA Partnership with the United States Coast Guard
10/27/2010 Johnson Says GSA is Helping to Advance Low Carbon Economy
10/07/2010 Johnson Says Telework Aligns with GSA Achieving Zero Environmental Footprint Goal
09/20/2010 Administrator Johnson Speaks to Business Community in Support of Greenhouse Gas Transparency.
08/18/2010 Johnson Points the Way Forward for Sustainability
08/10/2010 Johnson Says GSA's mission is the mission of its customer agencies
07/20/2010 Johnson Says GSA Accepts the Challenge of Championing Sustainability
07/13/2010 Johnson Says GSA Can Make the Federal Fleet More Efficient and Sustainable
07/12/2010 Remarks by Martha Johnson at Recovery Act Event with Local Businesses
06/30/2010 Administrator Johnson Says That Green Really Does Sell
06/22/2010 Johnson Says GSA Can Satisfy Agency Technology Needs
06/17/2010 Johnson Announces Sweeping Solar Summer Energy Agenda and Hails Recovery Act job growth
06/04/2010 Johnson Hails Recovery Act Progress
06/02/2010 Johnson Says GSA Committed to Zero Environmental Footprint
05/24/2010 Johnson Says Collaboration Key to Environmental Goals
05/18/2010 Johnson Addresses U.S. Green Building Council Federal Summit
05/06/2010 Johnson Addresses Public Service Recognition Week Kickoff Celebration
05/05/2010 Johnson Addresses Coalition Partnership Dinner
04/12/2010 Johnson Tells IRMCO Audience GSA Has the Will
03/25/2010 Johnson Speaks to FOSE Conference
03/23/2010 Johnson Says GSA is The Big Engine that Will
02/17/2010 Johnson Celebrates One-Year Recovery Act Anniversary at Denver Federal Center
02/16/2010 Johnson Kicks Off New Era at GSA