GSA Opens 2010 SmartPay Conference in Atlanta

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Advancing the drive toward enhanced effectiveness and transparency among federal agencies, GSA is building on the success of the GSA SmartPay® 2 program as it opens its 12th annual SmartPay conference in Atlanta.

Sustainable procurement, identity theft, micro-purchasing, delinquency management, and fraud are among the many topics offered at the event, which runs Aug. 10-12.

“With its role in reducing wasteful spending and bringing forward increased transparency and accountability, GSA SmartPay brings a great deal to the table,” said GSA Administrator Martha N. Johnson during opening remarks. “These are high-performance government measures we’re talking about – with meaningful benefits to the taxpayer.

“SmartPay was used for more than 92 million transactions valued at more than $29.7 billion in fiscal year 2009,” Johnson added. “This represents a third of the total acquisition dollars facilitated by GSA, reflecting our immense purchasing power and capacity.”

“It will be incredibly important for all of us to share information so we can understand your needs while still getting the best deal possible for the American taxpayer,” said Steve Kempf, Commissioner of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, in a morning keynote address on Monday.

Established in 1998, the GSA SmartPay program is the federal government’s charge card program. GSA SmartPay is the largest government charge card program in the world, serving more than 350 federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments.

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