Wisconsin Small Business Doubles in Size, Credits GSA

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GSA's commitment to small business has helped one company grow since getting on GSA Schedules. Its success is a lesson for other companies looking to expand their business opportunities with the government.

Doing business with the government can be complex and competitive, says Associate Administrator Jiyoung Park, of GSA's Office of Small Business Utilization. But with high-quality products and services, a solid business development plan, and the right attitude and drive, success is achievable.

GSA's small business office uses nationwide outreach and online education to offer training, marketing, and other webinars.

Five years ago, a Wisconsin-based small business used available tools from GSA and the help of a state-run nonprofit organization that assists companies trying to get on GSA Schedules to successfully navigate the schedules process. Since then, the company has won contracts resulting in additional hiring.

Andrew Bergholz, Executive Vice President of the company, which makes digital signs and traffic control devices, says despite the tough economy the company has been successful. He says it’s all about “getting out there and selling the product.”

GSA works with thousands of small businesses on GSA Schedules to help them better understand the process by offering advice and educational opportunities so they can make their products available to government customers.

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