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  1. NEW! FMP Strategy Buyer Experience: Buy.GSA.GOV

    Introducing our NEW FMP Strategy Buyer Experience: - a plain language, multi-function website and the new starting point for all things federal buying. The web-based buyer experience tool was built using human centered design. This interactive website addresses pain points in the acquisition process. Federal agencies, vendors, and GSA's acquisition professionals provided feedback that guided the development process.

    Launching with select features later this month, will evolve into the premier self-service federal buying site. It will grow to include GSA's best market research tools and all the solutions needed to put together a successful acquisition package.

  2. Adding Supply Chain Disruption Indicators to GSA Advantage!

    GSA Advantage! has added new tools that make it easier for shoppers to navigate supply chain disruptions and track product availability. More than 10,000 products on Advantage have received these new status indicators, with more added daily. Disruption statuses of "limited stock," "out of stock," "end of life," and "discontinued" help customers know when to call the vendor before placing an order or looking for another source.

  3. eBuy Now Supports Bulk Product Uploads

    A new template enhancement makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to build and submit Requests for Quote (RFQs) in eBuy. Previously, buyers wanting to upload RFQ line items had to turn to outside systems to create spreadsheets or go through the time-consuming process of entering each product detail individually. Now, Buyers can upload all their RFQ line items directly into eBuy via a spreadsheet template. We've also simplified the process for Sellers - this new feature will allow them to download a line item spreadsheet, enter new prices, upload it and attach the completed spreadsheet to their quote.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-05-02