Multiple Awards Schedules Transformation Initiative

GSA is committed to providing our stakeholders with a Multiple Award Schedules program that addresses current market forces and provides government with a streamlined, value-based contracting solution that continues to save time and money well into the future. We’re transforming the program in four distinct areas:

Competitive Pricing – Innovation – Enhanced Cycles – Stakeholder Engagement



Calculator and money

FAS launched the Formatted Product Tool (FPT). This tool, an integrated enhancement to the eOffer/eMod system, will improve speed to market for Schedule contractors, standardize part numbers for an improved GSAAdvantage!® buying experience for the Schedule customers, and strengthen horizontal pricing data analysis for our contracting officers to promote competition on product Schedules.

What this means for government: Improved confidence in MAS pricing, faster access to new products, and improved product search capabilities.


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FAS continues to update policies related to offer and modification submission and approval, including automating routine modifications such as price reductions. Processes are being streamlined while maintaining the integrity of the Schedules as a superior acquisition vehicle. The new 70 IT Roadmap is helping prospective contractors navigate the offer process more effectively.

What this means for government: Price reductions and addition of new products/services happen faster and more frequently, which allows users quicker access to new Schedule contractors and solutions.


Visit the MAS Interact Page to learn more and join the conversation.

Question? Email our National Customer Service Center or call (800) 488-3111.



The GSA Administrator recently launched the Making it Easier Initiative, making it easier for industry (including new and innovative startups to work with government. As part of this initiative FAS has standardized an electronic Welcome Package to help drive contract administration excellence.

What this means for government: MAS offerings will include the newest technologies and advancements available at your fingertips.


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FAS is actively engaging industry partners and internal stakeholders to ensure that the MAS program is the contracting vehicle of choice for the acquisition community. FAS is utilizing Interact, as part of a new Advanced Notice policy, to notify vendors of upcoming policy and program improvements to ensure two way conversations with Industry partners prior to the execution of updates.

What this means for government: Productive conversation between GSA and Industry leads to better requirements, policy and better outcomes for government.

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