Inside Delivery Service

Customers may utilize an inside delivery service for purchase orders delivered to their sites. Rates are provided for various programs.

Inside delivery of furniture can be requested. To request inside delivery, please note "INSIDE DELIVERY REQUESTED" as "Mark For" data on requisitions. Please note any dock restrictions as "Exception Data."

Upon receipt of purchase orders, the manufacturer/trucker must be contacted directly to make necessary arrangements for delivery to site(s).

Inside delivery usually carries an additional cost.

The following costs apply to items procured from our Office Furniture Procurement Division:

Metal Office Furniture Procured Under the Special Order Program:

  • A charge of $3.85 per 100 pounds (45.36 kg) subject to a minimum charge of $35.10 per shipment and a maximum charge of $408.34 per shipment or $408.34 per vehicle, if more than one vehicle is used to transport the shipment.

Executive Wood Office Furniture Procured Under the Special Order Program:

  • Under 911 pounds: $35.10;
  • Over 911 pounds: $0.385 per pound ($3.85 per 100 pounds);
  • The maximum charge is $408.34 per shipment (per vehicle if more than one vehicle per shipment is used);
  • These inside delivery rates are in effect for delivery within a consignee's premises when the building and elevator will accommodate the items being delivered. The inside delivery charges will be negotiated between the contractor and the ordering agency in those instances when the building and elevator within a consignee's premises will not accommodate the items being delivered;
  • Rates in excess of the maximum charge per order are to be negotiated between the contractor and the ordering agency; and
  • The building address(es) and room numbers are required on orders; orders should contain a point of contact and phone number.

Items Procured Under Multiple Award Schedules

  • If the Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWACenter) specialists make the procurement for an agency, the IWACenter will not negotiate inside delivery charges; and
  • If an agency makes its own procurement, charges may not be negotiated under any Multiple Award Schedule.

From the Household Furniture Division:

  • Charges are always negotiated directly between the manufacturer and the customer.

From the Systems Furniture Division:

  • Delivery charges are always included in the purchase price.

If a particular situation warrants a need to contact the vendor directly, please contact the National Customer Service Center at 800-488-3111 to obtain telephone numbers of manufacturer(s) in question; vendors will provide telephone numbers for transportation companies making deliveries.

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