Office Furniture Ordering Guide

Planning a typical office environment can be complex, as it impacts the ability of the agency to achieve its mission. Properly planned office furniture can help address workplace issues, such as:

  • Employee retention;
  • Employee attraction;
  • Productivity;
  • Morale;
  • Communication; and
  • Technology.

An Office Furniture Ordering Guide was developed as a resource to help federal buyers save time and money navigating the federal office furniture acquisition process.The Office Furniture Ordering Guide can be found in the Furniture Sub-Category of the Office Management Hallway on the Acquisition Gateway.It was prepared by a multi-agency team of subject matter experts specializing in interior design, contracting, and strategic sourcing.

The guide includes:

  • Product Standard Configurations containing average pricing data;
  • Sustainable attributes information;
  • Performance criteria;
  • Warranty provisions; and
  • Sample procurement documents.

Additional guides and brochures describing available Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) programs and services are available for reference.


2012 Furniture Catalog [PDF - 6 MB]
Brochure displaying the latest National Stock Number Program offerings for Furniture and Furnishings (published 07/24/2012).

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Best Value Recommendation Form for Products [DOC - 41 KB]
Use this form after obtaining three GSA Schedule contract quotes for products and for services that do not require a Statement of Work (published 1/31/2007). Guidelines for Installation [DOC - 55 KB]
Use this form when installation is unavailable to compete (published 3/4/2005). Justification & Approval Examples [DOC - 27 KB]
(published 12/20/2005). Justification & Approval [DOC - 45 KB]
Use this form when proposal does not have to be competed (published 12/20/2005). Best Value Recommendation Form for Services Requiring a Statement of Work [DOC - 38 KB]
Use this form after obtaining three GSA quotes for only services. This form is mainly to be used when requesting bids from our schedule 7I II K (1/31/2007).

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Repair & Alterations Ordering Guide [PDF - 219 KB]
(published 5/1/2008). Special Provisions, Leasing [DOC - 43 KB]
Standards and Descriptions, Contract Provisions, Special Provisions, Leasing (published 7/1/2008). Chair Guide [DOC - 80 KB]
(published 11/22/2011).

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