Office of Information Technology Category

Headed by Assistant Commissioner Bill Zielinski, we are responsible for providing access to best-value IT and telecommunications products, services, and solutions to federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies.

We offer our government clients the technology solutions they need:

  • A full range of IT and telecommunications products and services,
  • Solutions to help you achieve your mission, and
  • Pre-competed contracts that save you time and money.

Mr. Zielinski is also the OMB-appointed Governmentwide IT Category Manager.

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Category Management

Headed by Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Category Management Laura Stanton, we oversee the IT marketplace and the IT Category's five IT subcategories: IT Hardware, IT Security, IT Services, IT Software, and Telecom.

We plan category development, design and develop new solutions, modify existing solutions, and track and report performance. Our responsibilities include

  • Managing portfolio of solutions,
  • Monitoring performance and use of solutions that support the IT category,
  • Supporting customer service activities, and
  • Recommending creating new category solutions or modifying existing ones for our customers.


Led by Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Acquisition Management Keith Nakasone, we oversee the IT Category's acquisition vehicles for products, services, and solutions. Our responsibilities include

  • Providing oversight and guidance, and promoting public policy objectives related to federal IT acquisition, including competition, integrity, fairness, and transparency, while ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and policy.
  • Working with external stakeholders to influence government-wide procurement policies and better position the IT Category for increased use.
  • Maintaining liaisons with industry associations, interagency working groups, and other organizations involved in government acquisition issues to exchange information and improve IT Category acquisitions.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-02-18