Architectural Principles

In making decisions about contracting, business processes, architecture, and the other planning, IAE and its partners will consider our Architectural Principles. These Principles serve as guideposts for decision-making at all levels; everything from strategy through implementation. These Principles will be used to distinguish IAE from other programs and from our own history. It is important to recognize that these Principles are not hard and fast rules – in fact they are frequently in tension with each other. The best technical solution for IAE will balance these Principles for the benefit of the government and IAE system users.

The Principles:

  • IAE Must be Open;
  • We Must Always Treat Data as an Asset;
  • We Will Use Continuous Improvement to Drive Innovation;
  • IAE Will Provide an Effective User Experience for All Stakeholders;
  • Business Transactions Must be Time- and Cost-Measurable;
  • IAE Will Treat Security as Foundational; and
  • We Will Build Value Over Maintaining the Status Quo.

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Last Reviewed: 2018-03-09