Governance and Guidance

The following bodies provide overall direction and guidance and coordinating support to facilitate the mission of the IAE including:

Award Committee for E-Government (ACE)

An advisory and decision making body with responsibility for strategic planning and functional governance of the IAE portfolio of systems.

The ACE responsibilities include strategic planning; providing a disciplined process and approach to decisions, priorities, and community needs for the IAE systems; resolving conflicts in priorities from other elements of the governance process; and identifying policy or other considerations for OMB decision or actions. The ACE also is responsible for approving algorithms and associated funding levels required of the line of business partners.

The ACE consists of senior leaders from both the procurement and financial assistance communities, as well as representatives from the Office of Management and Budget and other non-voting Advisor Agencies

Financial Assistance Committee for E-Government (FACE)

The functional community group that is dedicated to addressing the needs of the federal financial assistance community as it pertains to collecting, using, disseminating, and displaying federal financial assistance data.

Procurement Committee for E-Government (PCE)

The PCE represents the functional needs of the procurement and broader acquisition community, and it serves as the community voice for data collection, reporting, and the analysis of the outcomes expected from the IAE portfolio of systems. This group will resolve any decisions regarding scope or other issues arising from the IAE systems unique to federal procurement.

GSA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

In co-lead with GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), the GSA Chief Information Office is responsible for the development and operation of IAE.

GSA Federal Acquisition Service IAE Program Office

The GSA FAS office that executes and manages IAE operations.

IAE Change Control Board (CCB)

The CCB is the decision-making body for proposed change requests that affect IAE systems.

Administered by GSA/IAE, the CCB is comprised of voting representatives from each of the CFO Act federal agencies. It is responsible for making decisions about IAE that improve award management for acquisition, grants, loans and life-cycle performance across the federal space.

The CCB affects integration of IAE across functional areas and meets statutory and regulatory requirements.

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