Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

The IAE Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement (OSE) division is composed of professionals in a number of disciplines who work to take in and disseminate information about the program for all interested stakeholders.

The OSE division is set up in four distinct areas with frequent cross-over among each:

  • Customer Service;
  • Outreach;
  • Policy; and
  • User Engagement in Agile Development.

The customer service function of OSE includes addressing and resolving customer issues about various IAE systems through the Federal Service Desk (FSD), responding to official Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiries, and responding to inquiries from Congressional sources.

The outreach function of OSE includes traditional public relations and public affairs efforts. Outreach implements and manages online public webinars, public trainings, press relations, internal and external messaging, and program branding, among other wide-ranging responsibilities.

The policy function of OSE is interpreting policies that affect IAE. The OSE policy team members also collaborate on the development and implementation of federal award policies. Finally, they also serve as an adviser to the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council (CAAC) that is responsible for developing and reviewing all proposed changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The user engagement in Agile development function of OSE includes the involvement of users of IAE systems throughout the development process of the new environment. OSE user experience analysts administer focus groups and interviews to elicit and analyze requirements from users and update continuous feedback channels throughout development and testing.

Last Reviewed: 2018-06-18