Program Planning, Analysis, and Control

The IAE Program Planning, Analysis & Control (PPAC) Division has a multitude of program responsibilities that cross over the IAE divisions and external partners.

PPAC manages the financial and budgetary responsibilities of the IAE, including identifying and monitoring performance measures and risk. The Division also carries Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) responsibilities in monitoring contractor performance for the various contracts critical to the performance of the IAE services and systems.

PPAC administers the IAE’s program plan and provides oversight to the milestone completions for proactive management, while highlighting key tasks that are not able to be performed as scheduled. PPAC responsibilities also include the development of annual Major and Executive Business Cases, and coordination of agreements both within GSA and with our 24 CFO Act Partner agencies.

The PPAC division coordinates, facilitates, and assists in managing three governance bodies: The Award Committee for E-Government (ACE), an advisory and decision making body; The Procurement Committee for E-Government (PCE), which represents the functional needs of the acquisition community; and The Financial Assistance Committee for E-Government (FACE), the functional community group dedicated to addressing data needs of the Federal Financial Assistance community.

PPAC also provides administrative resources to the project management office (PMO) in terms of human capital planning, training, and ad-hoc requests that are received by the PMO.

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Last Reviewed: 2018-05-14