Office of Travel, Transportation and Logistics Categories

The Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) portfolio develops and manages programs for the acquisition of travel and transportation services, audits the government's world-wide transportation billings to identify overpayments and seek recovery for the federal government, and purchase vehicles for agencies that own and manage their vehicle fleets. We also manage GSA Fleet, which provides leased vehicles and commercial fuel, maintenance, and repair services.

Our vision is: Serve as the government's most valued provider of enterprise-wide and customer-centric motor vehicle, travel and transportation solutions.

Office of Acquisition Operations

The Office of Acquisition Operations manages all the acquisitions for Travel, Transportation and Logistics. The mission is to deliver acquisition excellence through timely and quality contracts and world-class acquisition service.

Office of Fleet Management

The Office of Fleet Management provides vehicle leasing and purchasing services to federal agencies. While, GSA Fleet is the mandatory source for all non-tactical vehicle purchases by executive agencies in the United States (see 41 C.F.R. 101-26.501-1) we also offer additional services. GSA Fleet handles the acquisition process, provides engineering services for special order vehicles and a fleet management system.

GSA Fleet leased vehicles include end-to-end fleet management services including vehicle acquisition and disposal, maintenance control and accident management, fuel and loss prevention services, and a robust fleet management system that provides detailed and accurate data – offered in an all-inclusive rate.

Office of Travel, Employee Relocation and Transportation

The Office of Travel, Employee Relocation and Transportation provides a shared, governmentwide, operational solution that enables customers to manage their travel, employee relocation, and transportation services efficiently. They provide customers with competitive rates, industry expertise, and proper management and control of these services resulting in over $3B in spend and $2.4B in savings annually.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-31