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18F, as part of the General Services Administration, partners with federal agencies to build and buy digital services that improve the user experience of government. Together, we create a unified team by pairing our technical expertise with your program knowledge. Partner with 18F to deliver projects that fulfill federal rules, stay within budget, and provide excellent value to the public.

Our Mission

We envision a country whose government consistently offers digital services that instill pride and trust, meet user needs, are secure, and are delivered quickly and at reasonable cost.

We develop partnerships with agencies to help them deliver exceptional digital experiences that address their strategic initiatives. Through our work together, we also aim to strengthen government technology practices in ways that last beyond our formal partnerships. We effect change by practicing user-centered development, testing to validate hypotheses, shipping often, and deploying products in the open.

What We Deliver

We typically work with agencies on projects that meet these needs:

  • Improving public-facing services like websites or applications
  • Implementing new laws or requirements
  • Digitizing and streamlining internal systems

By partnering with 18F, agencies have moved manual paper processes online, greatly increased data access and usability, saved millions on cloud hosting, implemented new acquisition techniques, and much more.

Learn more on our site and in our 18F Partnership Principles.

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