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18F partners with federal agencies to improve the user experience of government services by helping them build and buy technology. We help agencies define their strategy and work towards a solution, from discovery through acquisition. By sharing design and procurement best practices, we coach our partner agencies to build successful projects now and prepare them to continue their modernization efforts into the future. Agencies partner with 18F to deliver projects that fulfill their mission, stay within budget, and use leading technology practices. We support projects across government, including here at GSA.

If you’re looking to implement a requirement, update a public-facing website, or digitize a process, 18F can work with you to build a product or craft and execute an effective agile acquisition strategy. Contact us at, and find out how our technical skills can accelerate your mission delivery.

Want to learn more about our current projects? Check out the 18F blog.

Our Mission

We envision a country whose government consistently offers digital services that instill pride and trust, meet user needs, are secure, and are delivered quickly and at reasonable cost.

What We Deliver

We develop partnerships with agencies to help them deliver exceptional digital experiences that address their strategic initiatives. Through our work together, we also aim to strengthen government technology practices in ways that last beyond our formal partnerships. We effect change by practicing user-centered development, testing to validate hypotheses, shipping often, and deploying products in the open.

Learn more on our site and in our 18F Partnership Principles.

Digital Tools & Services

In addition to consulting services, 18F also offers a number of platforms that make it easier to build and deploy modern digital services. All of these solutions were built from the ground up to meet the security and regulatory needs of federal agencies. You can use these tools with your existing services or as part of a 18F consulting engagement.

  • offers users simple, secure access to online government services. Integrate with your existing services, and users will be able to sign in with a single set of credentials for all participating government programs.
  • helps government teams build, run, and authorize cloud-ready or legacy government systems quickly and inexpensively. The platform has a FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) authorization, which means you can focus on developing mission-critical applications and leave server infrastructure management to us.
  • Federalist helps federal agencies and offices quickly launch compliant websites. Use Federalist’s templates and hosting to launch a website in minutes.

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