Agency Protest Process

Graph of the Grounds for GSA Agency Protests, FY 2011-2014:  Flawed Evaluation,  30%, Other Solicitation Issue, 22%, Unduly Restrictive Solicitation, 15%, Small Business Issue, 10%, Unequal Treatment, 10%, Debriefing, 5%, Flawed Communications, 5%, Cancellation, 3%

  • Protester Submits Protest to Contracting Officer
  • Contracting Officer Forwards Protest to APO
  • Scheduling Conference with: APO; Legal Advisor; Staff Agency Counsel and CO / COTR; Protester (and Counsel)
  • Agency Submits Response
  • Oral Presentations (at APO’s discretion)
  • Final Written Matters
  • APO Written Decision (within thirty-five days)

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