Types of Protests

Graph of the GSA Agency Protest Decisions by Fiscal Year:  FY2009 - 1 Granted, 7 Dismissed, 10 Denied; FY2010 - 2 Granted, 6 Dismissed, 12 Denied; FY2011 - 2 Granted, 6 Dismissed, 7 Denied; FY2012 - 1 Granted, 8 Dismissed, 1 Denied; FY2013 - 3 Granted, 7 Dismissed, 8 Denied; FY2014 - 0 Granted, 6 Dismissed, 3 Denied

Contracting Officer Protest

The contractor may protest the decision directly to the contracting officer

Agency Protest

The contractor may bypass the contracting officer and make a protest direct to the APO, who will then issue a decision following the process outlined above

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Protest

The contractor may file a bid protest with GAO. More details are available on GAO’s website: http://www.gao.gov/legal/bids/bidfaqs.html

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