Office of Evaluation Sciences

The Office of Evaluation Sciences (OES) combines academic expertise with experience implementing and evaluating evidence-based program improvements. The private sector quickly learns what does not work, what works, and what works most cost-effectively - government should, too. OES supports GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy’s mission to “use policies, evidence, and analysis to help agencies drive efficiency, savings, and improved mission performance.”

The team has a diverse scientific background, drawn from fields such as economics, psychology, public health, and statistics, and brings experience testing program impacts in complex settings.

Our Work:

The Office of Evaluation Sciences team:

  • Identifies how applications of proven insights can help an agency achieve its goals with greater success and efficiency, drawing on external research and best practices;
  • Identifies opportunities for rigorous, rapid pilot testing that quantifies the impact of these insights on outcomes of interest (e.g., increased enrollment in a program, dollars saved, etc.);
  • Provides conceptual and technical support on how best to design, implement, and analyze the pilot, including assisting with research design, regulatory clearance, and data analysis; and,
  • Reports on the findings and implications of these results, including scale-up potential, for both government and public audiences.

To learn more about our work and how to get involved as an interested agency collaborator, researcher, or team member, please visit

Last Reviewed: 2018-08-31