Office of Evidence and Analysis

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OGP's Office of Evidence and Analysis (OEA) serves as a data analytics center of excellence for Government-wide mission support data initiatives. OEA's mission is to leverage mission-support data to inform decision making, evaluate policy, and find efficiencies.

OEA assists OGP's policy offices with data collection, data validation, data analysis, and reporting of government-wide data sets. OEA also supports administrative objectives such as: implementing data governance standards, improving data quality, executing best practices in data visualization, and working strategically with other offices to ensure consistency in data management practices.

OEA's goals are to further the federal government's ability to work with and understand mission support data, to help agencies improve performance and lower costs through enhanced business intelligence capabilities, and to increase the ability of policy-makers to use data in evaluating and creating policies.

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OEA's dashboards are listed below:


    1. Federal Fleet Open Data Visualization
    2. GSA Acquisition Footprint
    3. GSA OGP Government-Wide Transportation
    4. Federal Aviation Open Data Visualization
    5. FITARA Visual Toolkit
    6. Sustainability Performance Analysis (SPA) Tool
    7. GSA Integrated Competition Tool
    8. Benchmarking Initiative
    9. Acqusition360
    10. GSA High risk contracting tool
    11. GSA OGP Personal Property Dashboard
    12. Federal Real Property Open Data Visualization
    13. Federal Mail Management Dashboard
    14. GSA Transactions Tool
    15. GSA Small Business Utilization Tool
    16. GSA Performance Based Acquisition Utilization Tool
    17. GSA Acquisition Human Capital Tool
    18. Real Property Management Tool
    19. Asset Consolidation Tool
    20. GSA Procurement Management Review Visualization


    1. Federal Mail Training Certificate
    2. Benchmarking Initiative
    3. Federal Mail Expenditures
Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26