Projects and Research

Projects of the Office are organized to move optimal green building technologies, strategies and practices into widespread Federal use through a progression from research to application in the field.

Sustainable Facilities Tool
The GSA Sustainable Facilities Tool ( is an interactive online resource created by the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings that shows users how to build, buy and operate green. Learn how to form effective teams and explore case studies to help identify, understand and integrate sustainable strategies into projects.

Safeguarding Assets
GSA is committed to secure the Federal investment and support mission continuity. GSA collaborates with its customer agencies on risk planning exercises and has developed tools and methods to improve the understanding of the impacts of observed and expected changes in climate on operations and statutory mission. The outcomes are used for investment planning, asset management and contract management so that GSA can safeguard federal assets and avoid misappropriation. GSA also closely monitors the insurance, accounting, and actuary industry response to climate-related risks spanning from business continuity, drought, flood, windstorm, wildfire, sea level change, and extreme weather risk insurance.

Demonstration Research Projects
The Energy Independence and Security Act requires GSA to carry out demonstration projects to examine how well green technologies and operational practices are working in a green building and how the Federal government can apply lessons learned to current and future building projects.

Energy Research into Practice
With the abundance of research and knowledge on energy reducing technologies, strategies, and practices, GSA developed a change management approach on how it can bring this knowledge to the field in ways that are accessible and useful for implementation in building operations, maintenance, and small-scale renovations.

Facility Management Institute
The Facility Management Institute ( was launched by GSA to ensure transparency and foster collaboration and innovation within a facility management community of practice. FMI will also help Federal agencies implement the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act of 2010. This Act requires all personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of Federal facilities to demonstrate compliance with a set of core competencies. Federal personnel covered by the Act should use GSA’s Core Competency Web Tool to evaluate their current training, develop a plan to fill gaps, and track progress over time. The Web Tool, a recorded training webinar, how-to guide and link to the Q&A forum ( are available on the FMI website.

Green Building Advisory Committee
This Committee provides advice to the GSA Administrator to accelerate the successful transformation of the Federal building portfolio to sustainable technologies and practices. The Committee will review the strategic approach, projects and activities of the Office in order to provide expertise and guidance on how the work of the Office may be better geared to ensure success in its government-wide greening mission.

Green Building Certification System Review
GSA is currently conducting a review of green building certification systems most likely to encourage a comprehensive and environmentally-sound approach to certification of green Federal buildings. Every five years, GSA is required to provide a recommendation to the Secretary of Energy of a green building certification system most suitable for certifying green Federal buildings.

GSA Green Roof Report: The Benefits and Challenges of Green Roofs on Public and Commercial Buildings [PDF - 9 MB]
This recent report commissioned by the Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings on green roofs includes a literature review of 200 research studies, in-depth analysis of green roof benefits, an original cost-benefit analysis, discussion of challenges and best practices, and assessment of further research needs.

Research into Practice Program
The Research into Practice Program delivers actionable, evidence-based practices to people who can improve building performance. It enables them to understand and adopt integrated solutions to achieve continuous high performance in buildings.

National Academy of Sciences’ Report “Achieving High-Performance Federal Facilities: Strategies and Approaches for Transformational Change
The Office commissioned a report from the National Academy of Sciences to advance strategic thinking and reforms to rapidly transform Federal facilities from status quo to genuine sustainability. Based on this report, GSA is conducting a series of expert meetings with government and outside experts to identify actionable activities, ideas, strategies, issues, and opportunities within current practices and processes to transform Federal facilities into high-performance green buildings.

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