Plug Load Management Suite

The following pages help Facility Managers and anyone concerned with energy use, minimize the energy loads used by equipment plugged into outlets. The Suite pulls together research-based solutions that address this key challenge in the operation of an energy-efficient building through five items:

  1. Plug Load Nuggets:
    Best Practices and Key strategies in short form (250 words) covering seven topics

  2. Plug Load FAQ:
    A seven-page question-and-answer based document.

  3. Plug Load Checklist [PDF - 98 KB]
    Intended to assist an integrated team in developing and implementing a plug load reduction program. It functions as a "to do" tool as well as a tracking tool, outlining a general sequence of activities and providing a framework for continual Plug Load management.

  4. Plug Load Research Review Summary [PDF - 282 KB]
    One page reviews of the 11 research papers that form the basis for the Plug Load Management Suite Summary includes article title, citation, introduction & methodology, article summary and key takeaways.

  5. Plug Load Control and Advanced Power Strips:
    A comprehensive report on Plug Load Control and Advanced Power Strips from GSA's Green Proving Ground.

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