U4P Enterprisewide Training Schedule

At U4P we offer educational and training programs that combine theory with practice and emphasize leadership, communication, systems, and technology. Our programs are designed to help employees prepare for leadership in their professions and organizations and to be successful in bringing about constructive change in their organization. More than ever, the challenges of the work environment require our employees and managers to have a systems perspective and must be able to master technology to get things done. Further, the workplace challenges require that we be brilliant on the basics. Therefore, the U4P provides training in core and professional competency areas that we believe our employees must master.

These skills will insure that we achieve our business objectives. Our employees must be effective communicators and visionary leaders, who foster innovation and creativity in their organizations and who are responsive to clients, customers, the public and their coworkers. At the U4P our programs are intended to nurture this development in our employees.


The training courses are available to all federal government employees. GSA employees can register for training courses on OLU's training site and follow the steps below.

  1. Go to left of the page and click on the 5th option down titled “Live Training Schedules.”
  2. Click on the last box titled “Central Office/National Capital Region” to view the available courses.

All other federal employees should contact the University for People at 202-708-5744 or U4P@gsa.gov.

Please be sure to click on the "GSA FY16 Enterprise-Wide Training Schedule to download the latest schedule. The courses are available for GSA at not cost and other federal employees with cost.

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"Our programs are designed to help employees prepare for leadership in their professions"

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