Office of Budget

The Office of Budget (BB) leads Budget Formulation, Budget Execution, Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement throughout GSA. Through the Performance Management Process (PMP), BB integrates Strategic Planning with Budget Formulation and Performance Reporting, ensuring that agency budget requests align with strategic goals. The office also ensures that the agency executes its budget properly.

BB manages the Working Capital Fund (WCF), a fully reimbursable revolving fund that finances administrative support services that are provided to GSA organizations and other select federal agencies. BB also manages Operating Appropriations, which are funds assigned to GSA from the President for official use.


  • Budget Control, Oversight and Formulation Division (BBC)
  • FAS Budget Division (BBF)
  • PBS Budget Division (BBP)
  • WCF Budget Division (BBW)
Last Reviewed: 2018-07-18