Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) works across GSA IT and GSA business lines to ensure that solutions developed by our IT organizations are designed efficiently, reused as appropriate and are forward-thinking. The CTO identifies emerging technologies and incorporates them into the existing technology profile as part of the overarching technology strategy for GSA.

Digital Services Division is responsible for deploying emerging technologies through proofs-of-concept and prototypes. This is accomplished through an Agile approach to projects, web/application development, and through UX/UI design. Furthermore, the division manages aspects of GSA IT’s implementation of the White House Digital Strategy to include open data, APIs, and open source software.

Solutions Strategy Division serves by leading innovation. The Solutions Strategy team provides technology solutions and IT investment strategies agencywide. We assist in the communication and development of IT business cases, including findings and recommendation analyses for GSA’s IT portfolio.

The key objectives of our team include:

  • Leverage innovative technology to reduce duplication in capabilities and solutions;
  • Reduce costs for GSA IT through consolidation and innovation;
  • Identify gaps and requirements to improve services and/or productivity;
  • Conduct market research in resolving GSA’s needs;
  • Support solution architecture and design;
  • Improve collaboration across platforms and programs, and;
  • Build securely from the start

Last Reviewed: 2018-05-31